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Jul 24

Following on from last week's announcement of the inclusion of a Thai on-screen keyboard, Learn Thai Ping is pleased to announced another addition to our Thai practice tools.... Blindfold Mode!

In any of the Thai practice lessons you can now turn off the visibility of the Thai characters and type the phrase out based on the audio. If you make a mistake along the way you will be shown the next character to type.

Jul 20

We are pleased to announce that Learn Thai Ping now incorporates an optional on-screen Thai keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard highlights the next key location to help you find your way around the Thai keyboard really fast.

When using the Thai on-screen keyboard all input is converted to Thai, so you can type in Thai straight away even if you don't have a Thai keyboard / stickers!

Jul 10

Learning Thai can be a bit like playing a really long RPG game where vocab is the little gold coins you pick up along the way.

Sometimes you can feel a bit stuck like your not progressing and then all of a sudden you learn a key word or phrase that opens up a whole lot more information and suddenly your on a whole new level of Thai.

Jun 15

Learn Thai Ping provides Thai Language students with practice material to improve all aspects of Thai literacy for a wide variety of skill levels.

Apr 06

Most people think of a typing tutor as a tool to help you type fast. But there is a lot more that a typing tutor can provide, particularly in the context of learning Thai.