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Thai Typing Tutor

Most people think of a typing tutor as a tool to help you type fast. But there is a lot more that a typing tutor can provide, particularly in the context of learning Thai.

Thai Typing Tutor - Drill Based Learning

Drill based learning is very common when learning a language. Repetition helps the brain remember words, phrases, spelling etc. The difficulty with most drill based practice is keeping a focus and not letting the mind wander. Adding the action of typing adds an extra level on engagement that something like flash cards doesn't have, so helps to keep the brain engaged.

Highlight as You Type. Type Thai, Read Thai!

The basic feature of a typing tutor program is that it will highlight progress as you type. Not only is this good for helping to learn to type, but it is also great for learning to read. A particular difficulty when learning to read Thai is the lack of spaces between words, so new readers can find it hard to identify the individual words within a phrase. In fact, spaces are often added in for beginner readers learning Thai as a second language.

LearnThaiPing highlights each word as you progress through typing a phrase. So it is more than an Thai typing tutor, it is also a Thai reading tutor!

Computer Literacy

These days kids are exposed to computers from very early ages, particularly in the form of tablets and smartphones. Children find it easy to use touch screen interfaces, more so than traditional keyboards and mice; or pens and pencils! The Thai typing tutor format of LearnThaiPing is a simple but challenging activity for kids and adults alike to build Thai literacy and computer literacy with the same activity.