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Learn Thai Typing Online with LearnThaiPing

LearnThaiPing allows you to learn Thai online with quick and effective typing exercises to fit in with your busy routine.

Thai language lessons are delivered with a unique technique that recognises that it is most effective to learn Thai literacy where you can put it to immediate use, online!

"I want to chat with my Thai friends on social media and email. I don't need to post handwritten letters."

Keyboard skills, Thai Typing Exercises

Traditional methods of learning the Thai alphabet are slow and inefficient. Memorising and learning to draw 44 consonant symbols, 15 vowel symbols and 4 tone diacritics is an enormous task. And how useful are those handwriting skills going to be?

Forget pen-and-paper practice. Learn Thai script on a keyboard first!

LearnThaiPing teaches you Thai script where it is immediately useful, online! Using keyboard literacy as the foundation for learning Thai means you will quickly be able to put your skills to use reading and replying to your friends' social media updates, writing emails and chatting online.

Conversation is more than spoken. Chat with friends online by typing Thai!

Muscle Memory

Typing exercises are far more effective than flashcards because of the retention of motor skills, otherwise known as muscle memory. Associating the physical action of typing re-enforces your ability to remember the letters, words and phrases that you are practicing.

In the same way that fingering on an instrument will help a musician remember a piece of music, or for the same reason that sometimes it is easier to recall a PIN number when physicially typing it, the association between typing movements and letters, words and phrases reinforces your ability to retain more Thai language faster.

Word segment highlighting

One of the biggest barriers for English speakers learning the Thai language is the lack of spaces between words. LearnThaiPing lessons highlight each word as you're typing Thai to help you become familiar with recognising individual words.

Phrase and word-by-word audio

LearnThaiPing lessons are delivered with both full phrase and word-by-word audio. This helps your vocabulary retention and helps you to become comfortable with the Thai tonal system. The phonetics lessons are also a great way to get your tones right either with simply repeating the LearnThaiPing exercises and letting the familiarity of sounds soak in naturally, or in combination with learning tone rule theory.

Smartphone and tablet support

Practice with LearnThaiPing on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Login to your account on any of your devices and your lesson progress will be logged to give you progress summaries.

If you don't have Thai characters on your PC keyboard you can either purchase a Thai keyboard or stickers. Most touch screen devices will already support simply turning on the Thai keyboard input.